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Jonathan Schoop
SS Baltimore Orioles

Signed: As an international free agent out of Curacao in 2008.

Born: 10/6/1991
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 187
Bats: Right
Throws: Right

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Career Major League Statistics

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Base hit for Class-A Delmarva Shorebirds (thanks to YouTube user AVencill):

RBI for Class-A Advanced Frederick Keys (thanks to YouTube user AVencill):

Batting for the Frederick Keys (thanks to YouTube user ONDonOlsen):



  1. this guy after andrelton simmons jurickson profar & jose iglesias is the best ss in the hole minor heading in the 2011 and yes he is way bether than machado and specially in his fielding abilety`s the o`s will make a big mistake moving him from ss he has the glove and a gold glove on caliber hi is an hanley ramirez in the making this coment is from runedly bryan i know what im talking about

  2. and hey i`m loking for him to hit 15 + homerun`s next year

  3. i wil give u guys also a pair name`s to look for in the comming season Jurickson Profar, Andrelton Simmons, Kevin Moesquit, Dudley Leonora, Roderick Bernadina, Micheangelo Trnidad, Mariekson Gregorius, Dennis Neuman, Juan Carlos Sulbaran they are alllllllllll from curacaou bby and Xander Bogaerts he is from o sister island Aruba for comment u can reahc me at

  4. and this kid bogaerts he is also and hanley ramirez in the making i asure u folks he wil be in boston startin the 2013 or a mid late season call up he is a nature born ron producer

  5. uhm roderick bernadina he wil also move quickly in the O`s system also an other O`s prospect is leonora this don`t know what a strike out means he is a born 3b and a very good one but his good versatility alow him to play 2b where i think for now he wil devolep there

  6. uhm and mariekson gregorius this kid is amazing a good golve soft hands and has a rocket amrm he is a true ss and als like leonora don`t know what strike out means he may get a 2011 mid late season call up or he will star for sure out of camp next year

  7. Yea me again my name is ruendly bryan i live in curacao my facebook is also ruendly bryan i was writhing u guys about those players wel let me tell u profar simmons gregorius schoop will make thei debut in the big`s netx year 4 sure an bogaerts wil make his in mid-late 2013 an he will start for sure out of camo in 2014 but i think he wil make it either as a 3b of a rf & that kid bernadina will walk in the same pad as jonathan schoop he wiiiiil move quikly an i`m projecting him to have more power than schoop when all is done

  8. yea me agaaaaaaaaaing dudley leonora that kid wil be a michael young he can play anywhere in the field & he wil play them good but his natural posation is 3b but i think he wil bring baltimore som good prospects cause they wil trade him 2012 will be his breakout year

  9. yea me again pls next year if u cant go to spokane to watch christopher garia play this kid is just amizing the only tool of hin that for rates below avrage is his power but whit time it wil be avrage an also look out of the draf som curacao born player sherman lacrus of tremondus raw power good speed should hit for high avrage he is a five tool player also phildrick llewellyn this kid could catch now in the bigs good defens & knows the game a smart kid an his bat coul be pretty good also we have darren seferina he is a ss good arm soft hands surprising power for a smal guy also shoul hit for high avrage we have also alexander rodriquez 1b big guy good raw power patience hitter sorick liberia also is a good hiter softhands good glove

  10. me again look out for the phenom catcher of the padres rodney daal he will play the holeeeee year at 18 years out his pop time is 1.73

  11. Runedly, thank you for your comments they are very insightful! Please check the email that I sent you.

  12. ok sir thanks i recived it i just send u one back

  13. going whit surprise sugaros for champions in AFL but they will go finals agains scotdail scorpions

  14. scorpion may hasve a bether of then mine sugaros but we have a bether in then they have tim beckham mike olt mat dominguez recently called up by marlings leury garcia christian colon joey terdoslavich ahhaha what more u want an our of isen`t bad at all myers an cuningham so scorpions watch out cause we have one hell of a good team almoust forgot future pudje rodriquez this guy has to have an 80 amr on the scale u guys know i`m talking about bethancourt.

  15. its a shame the braves dit not send andrelton simmons there als shame on the reds for not sending mariekson (didi) gregorius there who is playing in the world cup in pana for the dutch squad

  16. just chek out the scorpion pitcher they have to good lefties both from the nats solis & purke & that guy brandon crawford i dont see nothiiiiiiiiing in hem scharlon schoop is waaaay bether them ham he have gold glove potential & can hit bether then crawford the gus just need a break to play a fool season & the giants will notice what they being hiding for them self

  17. i wil give u guys some team that will be good for the years comming diamondback bauer parker skaggs borvhering davidson
    braves teheran vizcaino delgado simmons cunningham bethancout terdoslavich but as an of
    baltimore schoop machado bernadina hoes mummey the bundy`s brtohers pelzer klein
    royals odorizzi myers colon arguells duffy
    profar profar olt perez david perez roman mendes

  18. guys of surprise sugaros that will go to the alstar game
    myers olt bethancourt beckham garcia terdoslavich gilmartin cunningham
    from the scotdale scorpion
    trout harper brown

  19. an other prospect o watch next year is gabrile lino in the baltimore famrsysteem
    if he & bernadina is heading to delmarva next year i wil say watch out fot their onfence & averything i s pointhing in that direction that they going there whit dudley leonora nick delmonico an aron narron

  20. hey peeps how is it here are a preview of the top 10 organisation for next year & 5 others that are also strong in their famr
    1 Braves
    2 Rangers
    3 Rockies
    4 Reds
    5 Redsox
    6 nationals
    7 Royals
    8 DiamondBacks
    9 Pirates
    10 Yankees

    the others 5 to watch
    1 Mariners
    2 Orioles
    3 Cardinas
    4 Padres
    5 Astros

  21. yea me again peeps i tld guys surprise is the best yeaaaaaaaa baby go surprisee they will be champions mark mine word i`m excited to see bethancourt play in the alstrar game n in tha champion ship cause its gona be a live streaming of milb 5 nov is the alstar game n 19 november is tha championship