Gerrit Cole

RHP Pittsburgh Pirates

Drafted: 1st Round, 1st Overall 2011 First-Year Player Draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates out of UCLA.

Born: 9/8/1990
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 215

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From Draft Scouting Report:
"This will be the second time Cole is a first-round pick, having gone to the Yankees No. 28 overall in 2008 out of high school before heading to UCLA instead. Three years in college have done nothing but improve Cole's stock, as he entered the year as the consensus top pitcher in the class, and not much has altered that evaluation, though some rough outings, results-wise, have caused some pause. Cole looks and throws like a future ace, with three plus power pitches. His fastball is 92-99 mph and sits comfortably at 95-96 deep into starts. His hard slider comes in at 88-90 mph, and even his changeup is 88-90 mph. In some ways, that's been the problem -- no variation of velocity, allowing good hitters to time him. During a stretch when he was getting hit, despite his stuff looking just fine, he was opening his front side so his release point was right down the middle, meaning his stuff was catching too much of the plate. It was coming in flat, with a lack of deception. His control is fine -- he doesn't hurt himself with walks -- but his command within the zone is what really hurt him during that stretch. That won't keep the top couple of teams from putting him at or near the top of their boards, but it undoubtedly will lead to deeper conversations about the first overall pick."

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