Matt Barnes
RHP Boston Red Sox

Drafted: 1st Round, 19th Overall 2011 First-Year Player Draft by the Boston Red Sox out of the University of Connecticut.

Born: 6/17/1990
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 203

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From Draft Scouting Report:
"In another Draft class, Barnes -- with his long, lanky frame and potential for a very good three-pitch mix -- would put him close to the top of Draft boards. The depth in outstanding pitching in this class knocks Barnes down a touch, but he's still in line to get taken in the top half of the first round. Barnes can crank his fastball up to 96 mph and will comfortably sit in the 91-93 mph range. He currently throws two breaking pitches. His curve has the chance to be a plus pitch if he focuses on it, with good rotation. His slider is a below-average pitch, and it might be best if he used just the curve at the next level. His changeup has the chance to be a good option, especially against lefties, but he doesn't use it that much now. He should have excellent command in the future and his frame might allow him to add some bulk along the way. He looks and acts like a frontline starter, and that's exactly what he might be down the line."
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