Yuki Yanagita's Four RBI's Lead Japan Over MLB (VIDEO)

Check out this highlight video of Japanese baseball star Yuki Yanagita's four RBI performance against the MLB All-Stars at the end of the 2014 season.

Yanagita lead Japan's Pacific League in batting aveage (.363), OPS (1.101), walks (88), runs (110) and total bases (317). He also finished tied for third in home runs with former Major Leaguer Brandon Laird (34), second in stolen bases (32), third in RBI (99), and tied for sixth in doubles (31).

Yanagita is now 27 years old and has steadily improved over each of the past four seasons. He made a brief appearance in 2011 before breaking onto the scene for good in 2012.

A 27 year old outfielder with speed, power, a batting title, and patience at the plate. There are lots of MLB teams who could use a player like that.

Could we possibly see Yuki Yanagita playing Major League baseball in the next few years?