Our Mission

Promoting Minor League Baseball and the top young players in the world as they work their way towards the Major Leagues.

MLBProspectPortal.com was created by Daniel Jarrett to centralize the research process for baseball fans seeking information on current MLB prospects playing in the Minor Leagues. We aim to simplify the research process by providing a portal where baseball fans can come and use our collection of references, articles and links to research and gather more information on their favourite prospects, all in one place.

Since it's inception, MLBProspectPortal.com has expanded and now includes a significant amount of original content. We compile scouting reports, produce videos, update rankings, prepare mock drafts and maintain a database of over 400 of the top prospects in the game!

Thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy our work and find our website to be a valuable resource to evaluate Minor League prospects. Should there be a player you'd like to know more about, please contact us on Twitter @MLBProspectPrtl and let us know! We appreciate all your feedback.

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Daniel Jarrett
MLBProspectPortal.com Founder