Archive Footage: Javier Baez Crushes Double for Daytona Cubs

(July 20/2017)

Check out some video of Javier Baez crushing a double for the Class-A+ Daytona Cubs:

Archive Footage: Edwin Encarnacion Crushes Home Run

(July 19/2017)

Check out some video of Edwin Encarnacion crushing a home run against Tyler Glasnow:

Archive Footage: Gerrit Cole Bullpen - Arizona Fall League

(July 18/2017)

Check out some video of Gerrit Cole throwing a bullpen in the Arizona Fall League shortly after being drafted 1st overall:

Archive Footage: 18 Year Old Bryce Harper Hit vs. Yankees

(July 17/2017)

Check out some video of 18 year old Bryce Harper's base hit vs. the Yankees during spring training:

Archive Footage: Billy Hamilton Stolen Base

(July 16/2017)

Check out some video of Billy Hamilton stealing a base for Class-A Dayton: