James McCann Hits Bird With Foul Ball (VIDEO)

(Mar 15/2015)

James McCann hit a foul ball that hit a bird while playing for the Detroit Tigers during a 2015 spring training game. Watch the video for yourself below:

Daniel Norris featured in Dutch Article: Rough English Translation

(Mar 15/2015)

Thanks to our handy Google analytics, we found that one of our Daniel Norris videos (included below) received several hundred views from a Dutch article.

Sure enough here is the piece, give it a read. Anyone speak Dutch?

If not, here is a rough English translation of the piece thanks to Google translate:

This baseballer (21) earns millions and lives in a van
Less than a month and then starts the American baseball season. All teams are busy with their preparations. The players, meanwhile lack nothing, but a few are not necessary at all. As for pitcher Daniel Norris, the talent of the Toronto Blue Jays, who lives in a Volkswagen Camper. Sports Medium ESPN went to visit him.

154 kilometers per hour. So hard throws Norris, who is a starting pitcher. He throws a curvebal so far decreases from top to bottom it's a 12-6 curve is called at the numbers of the clock. Norris throws are therefore barely touching for hitters.

Not surprising therefore that the Blue Jays, the only Canadian baseball team that plays in the Major Leagues, he already in 2011, when Norris was still in high school, a contract offered. When Norris drew he immediately got a bonus of $ 2 million - the way for clubs to make it attractive for talents to accept such an offer.
Just a t-shirt

Shortly after all the new talents of the club had signed their contracts, they went to a mall to spend their newly gained pennies. But where some thousands of dollars spent on laptops and headphones, Norris bought only a t-shirt worth $ 14. He wears the shirt still. The rest he gave managed by financial advisors, who pay him $ 800 a month.

The only major purchase that Norris has done since the beginning of his professional career is a Volkswagen Westfalia Camper from 1978. $ 10,000 paid the young pitcher before. Since then he has traveled every year at the beginning of the season with his van from his home in Tennessee to the training complex of the Blue Jays in Florida. Along the way he puts down his van in parking lots, deserted beaches and other abandoned places in nature.

    Twitter avatar DanielNorris18 Daniel Norris All is well with my soul. #jklivin http://t.co/kmxIeLpKA6 February 20

Overnight at the local Wal-Mart

Now Norris has arrived at the training complex in Dunedin, Florida, he parks his van, which he affectionately 'Shaggy' calls every evening in the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart. Because the supermarket is open 24 hours a day, he can not be expelled there. The staff calls him the "Man", visitors look at him oddly. But Norris all bother anything, he told ESPN:

    "I'm used to people staring at me. I'm not going to change who I am because people find it weird. The only way I have is to start happy and balanced and to keep myself a good season. It might be unconventional, but to feel good about my life, I must experience some adventure. "

So he drinks instant coffee and eats organic stir-fry dishes he makes on a portable stove in his van. He lets his beard during his trip and visit every now and then. His parents left him always playing outside, held him for he had easy lives. It is for the Norris way to escape the immense pressure to perform that rests on all baseball talents.
Round about the training complex

When the Blue Jays they looked at first surprised by the lifestyle of their newest addition. But now they are used to it. Last week took one of Norris' teammates, RA Dickey, even as the van to make a lap at the training complex. And in baseball followers Norris and Shaggy are not new: the story has been told so often that are kept at various fora of Blue Jays fans all new messages on the van.

    Twitter avatar RADickey43 R.A. Dickey Stole Daniel Norris' by and drove it on the infield .... Smooth ride but I need some power steering. #vwvansaresweet http://t.co/9Xn7NjIhhg March 12

Norris, which is seen as one of the greatest baseball talents of America, makes this season probability of a place by the first team. Last year he made all his debut in MLB.

To join the big boys, he must make some sacrifices. If his beard is finished already, and will Norris, when the season starts, move in with a teammate. In a house. But now the preseason is still working, the bus continues.

Norris has received a lot of print this offseason and early in camp about his unique living conditions and his lifestyle, but he's primed to have a big year on the field for the Toronto Blue Jays.

You can watch more video of Daniel Norris in the playlist below:

Will Ferrell Playing Catcher for the San Francisco Giants (VIDEO) #FerrellTakesTheField

(Mar 13/2015)

Here's some video of actor Will Ferrell playing catcher for the San Francisco Giants during his 2015 Spring Training stunt #FerrellTakesTheField, a promotion for the comedy website FunnyOrDie.com. Proceeds from the event are going towards the fight against cancer.

Pat Venditte Warming Up Both Arms During 2015 Spring Training Game for Oakland Athletics (VIDEO)

Watch Pat Venditte, an ambidextrous pitcher, warm up both arms during a 2015 spring training game while pitching for the Oakland Athletics:

Prospect Videos From 2015 Spring Training: Jon Gray, Aaron Sanchez, Yasmany Tomas, Jose Berrios, Michael Taylor, Pat Venditte, Miguel Sano, Trea Turner

(Mar 8/2015)

Colorado Rockies RHP prospect Jon Gray strikes out a batter:

Toronto Blue Jays RHP prospect Aaron Sanchez strikes out a batter:

Arizona Diamondbacks 3B/OF prospect Yasmany Tomas crushes an RBI triple:

Minnesota Twins RHP prospect Jose Berrios strikes out a batter:

Washington Nationals OF prospect Michael Taylor crushes a home run on the first pitch of the game:

Oakland Athletics LHP/RHP Pat Venditte warms up both throwing arms during a spring training game:

Minnesota Twins 3B prospect Miguel Sano makes a nice defensive play at third base:

San Diego Padres SS prospect Trea Turner talks about his first spring training experience: